Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Iraq blog

i have a strange curiosity with the war in iraq. i guess it's the fact that this is the closest that our generation has ever been to a major war and it facinates me that in this day and age it can still actually happen.

i keep an eye on michael yon's blog and try to read as much as i can on the subject. so that's what i came across nabil's blog in the latest time magazine.

he's a uni student that lives in iraq and blogs about the things he experiences in one of the most turbulant and dangerous places on earth at the moment.

here's a ilittle sneak peak of what goes on in his neighbourhood...

this is a pic he took of what was left of a car bomb that exploded 20m from his house.

here we can see a mortar that exploded a few steps from his front door. the explosion filled his house with dust and debris.

a young haridresser was pulled form a taxi and executed in the street by fundamentalist because her profession was thought to be unacceptable. he would have gone to check after the gunmen left but he was affraid of snipers watching the body. when the marines arrived hours later they had to shoot the body a few times form a safe distance to make sure it wasn't boobytrapped before they took it away.

just the other day he was playing his guitar in his room when a stray bullet shattered his bedroom window and lodged itself in a wall.

such is life in iraq. it makes you extrememly grateful for the life we live sometimes.

link to his blog.

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Unknown said...

Hey.. war is a pretty scary thing. When the war in croatia began, i just couldnt believe that it was happening. My cousin & my family & all my friends were living in their basements - while I was out in Shibuya having fun. They had curfews and had to have their lights out at night with their blinds drawn while I was out late night shopping. Its the strangest feeling going back there and seeing bullet holees in my house, reminants of exploded granades. Driving through war-torn villages that were been abandoned made me feel so emoty - trees grow through houses that once were homes to families. When my cousin would go out with her friends for drinks they would have to watch out not to go to certain parts of the city coz of snipers that could see them & shoot at them. There were sirens that would scream when the city was under attack - and all they could do was run to the closest cover they could find. Some of her friends didnt make it. My uncle was the front line reporter at the time and some of the footage he has makes your heart stop. I will never understand how it was or what it felt like, no matter how many stories I have the privalage of listening to. Its a hard thing to get people to talk about. It makes me greatful for having such a lucky life. I could have been there. Dunja