Friday, April 20, 2007

Nabil's Blog

here new post from our Iraq blog correspondant Nabil...

ITS TIME TO LEAVE THIS SHIT HOLE COUNTRY, fuck Alqaida, fuck extremists,
fuck Islam along with anyone who would kill innocent people just because they
don't follow their fucked up rules...

And of course thanks to George Bush and his rat Almaliki for bringing us to
this situation.World War against terrorism, what a joke...

I was in a shop infront of my house owned by a friend ofmine... then afriend of ours came into the shop and said... Alqaida is now in control of the neighbourhood, and they're doing horrible things to the innocent people of the neighbourhood, he saidthat a few minutes before he came to the shop, they killed a guyinfront of him because he was smoking in the street.

And that he heard that Alqaida shot a car of a bride and a groom because they were celebrating in the street and playing music. I asked him why are you telling me to go to my house, he said because you're wearing a short (sic)...

I heard from my friends some ridiculous stuff, like Alqaida is now controling vegetable markets, and that its prohibited to put cucumbers along with tomato in the same sack, because cucumber is a male vegetable and tomato is a female vegetable.

plese note that i have cut down his original post. go here to see the post in its entirety.

link to his blog.

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