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the rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated

apparently there's a rumor going around mackay that i've just suffered a major stroke and i'm on deaths door.

mum was stopped in a shopping centre up in mackay by a concerned friend who had heard the news and wanted to offer her condolences.

i'm fine by the way. no stroke. no knocking on deaths door.

why can't these rumors be about my glorious rock'n'roll death where i go out in a blaze of glory and whisky bottles?


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Deb said...

Omigod. You've hit the big time. Don't you know when rumors of your death (impending or otherwise) start circulating then you have hit the level of legend??

This happened to a close friend of mine recently. I congratulated him, he was very happy.

So, congratulations.

dig dug said...


Anonymous said...

if you need any medical assistance or advice i am here for you. but dont bleed too much, i'm not used to the sight of blood yet. hahahaa. D :)

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