Wednesday, April 04, 2007

random thought

when i study i find my mind wandering. so today i was wondering what comes after a trillion dollars?

(a million dollars!)

here's what i found...

million: six zeroes
billion: nine zeroes
trillion: twelve zeroes
quadrillion: fifteen zeroes
quintillion: eighteen zeroes
sextillion: twenty-one zeroes
septillion: twenty-four zeroes
octillion: twenty-seven zeroes
novillion: thirty zeroes
decillion: thirty-three zeroes
undecillion: thirty-six zeroes
duodecillion: thirty-nine zeroes
tredecillion: forty-two zeroes
quattuordecillion: forty-five zeroes
quindecillion: forty-eight zeroes
sexdecillion: fifty-one zeroes
septendecillion: fifty-four zeroes
octodecillion: fifty-seven zeroes
novemdecillion: sixty zeroes
vigintillion: sixty-three zeroes

money's going to sound a lot sexier when we start dealing with sextillion dollars...

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