Monday, April 30, 2007

Yuppo viral

i leaned in to talk to her over the loud music in the bar

"i said, i work in paper"

"oh, like the courier mail?" she asked with an expectant look

"no, like i sell paper"

she cocked her head at me the same way my dog does when it doesn't understand me

"paper. you know. paper. um, like paper that is used by printers to, um...print stuff on, like magazines and books. yeah... well i sell that"

"oooh. um..." her voice trailed off and i saw her try to hide the "i'm in trouble sign she was making to her friend across the bar.

yeah. i used to be a paper merchant. it was actually more interesting than it sounds. long story short, i left to get into advertising, and eventually quit that so i could finish my degree faster. my workmate tony went on to become the marketing czar in Melbourne.

here's the latest viral video he's responsible for.

it's aimed to go to people in the industry, like printers, graphic designers, agencies n stuff, not the public.

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