Monday, May 28, 2007

by taking pity, am i assuming i'm better than they are?

comment from a reader:

I read your blog sometimes, I really don't see why things like this fascinate
you so much? What planet do you come from? If you truly felt sorry for this guy
you wouldn't take a picture of him and post it on the net you sick freak. Get a
fxcking hobby that doesn't involve underlining the vulnerability of our less

So why do I post pictures of the homeless and less fortunate?

Firstly, I’m interested in the situation itself. Just like the war in Iraq (which I’m also morbidly fascinated with), it intrigues me that in today’s day and age there can still be people in this hopeless situation. Despite all of the glossy urbane development that surrounds us, this is still a problem. People with nothing share the same space as us and ignoring them won’t make them go away.

I’m not able to say if by taking pictures of this section of the community I am helping or hurting. It’s not nice to see pictures of people less fortunate than ourselves and it might bring some emotions to the surface that we’re not comfortable with. Pity assumes that we’re better than someone. That’s not what I do.

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