Tuesday, May 29, 2007

personal business cards

Have you ever had some one give you a personal, non-business card? When I was overseas backpacking we were constantly exchanging our email and blog sites on scraps of paper that were usually always misplaced.

An idea is to use personal business cards that have everything on them including:

- your name (obviously)
- email address
- your blog / website
- skype address
- flickr site

These aren’t just for travellers. They’re handy for everyday situations replacing a scribbled phone number on a napkin with a nice card with all your info. But, is it socially acceptable? Or is it viewed as a wanky / nerdy / dorky thing to have?

Hugh Macleod of gaping void fame produces things called blogcards for bloggers to give out to people. But more than that, they’re a good tool to quickly and easily give out your personal details.
obviously, this would be better suited to someone who works from their blog, but they would be invaluable for travelling.

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