Friday, May 04, 2007

pre-paid mobile comparison chart

My mobile contract has just come up for renewal so I’ve been tossing up my options. I could stay with my provider, who haven’t been all that bad, and just monitor my spending
Most people probably already know this, but I have only just found out that on most mobile phones, you can enter in your call rate and set a counter so that at any time you can check how much time you’ve talked for and how much you’ve spent on calls.

Or, I could change to pre-paid so that I could better track my spending. I gathered all the info I could on the different pre-paid plans out there and put all of the data into a spreadsheet. It shows all of the general stuff like flag fall, call costs, SMS and MMS costs and recharge credits. I’ve included formula that help to better compare the different providers and plans so I could get a better idea of who presented the best value for my hard earned money.

Because every plan offers different call rates, credit values and flag fall charges, I’ve formulated how much talk time you would get for $1 credit. This shows a big difference between providers and shows that the ones that look to be better value aren’t always the ones to go for.

To go into more detail I’ve worked out the combined cost forthe combined a 1 minute call, send one text and retrieve a 30 second voicemail for each plan / provider. This gives and dollar figure that better illustrates the exact cost of the service.
So therefore, the best option to go with woudl be the plan that gives the most call minutes for $1 of credit and the lowest cost for the combined "call, text and voicemail" sum.

Because I want to get the most bang for my buck (and because I’m already a user of the service) I’ve also included SKYPE.

This can be used to call people from when I’m at home to call people on landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world for a fraction of any other provider. Plus I have my skype number call-forwarding to my mobile so that if anyone calls me when I’m away from my computer it will divert to my mobile.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to go pre-paid but aren’t sure which one presents the best values, check out my comparison chart.

Please note that I haven't included all providers, just the ones that I felt were the best ones to include, and i although I’ve checked the figures, I take no responsibility for the accuracy - use your best discretion here kids.

see the full chart here

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