Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Seen in the valley

Today I was riding down a quite dodgy street in the valley that's known because all the prostitutes stand outside the Laundromat at the end of the street and i saw this old run down house.

The old car in the front yard with the grass growing up around it makes it all the better.

I’ve never seen anyone come or go from the house ever and I recon it might even be abandoned.

There’s a rumour that a couple years ago in the valley, some neighbours complained to the cops about a bad smell that was coming from a house. When they got inside they found the place was filled with rubbish and in the middle of the room was a guy hugging a suitcase. Inside they found a chopped up body.

Creepy huh?

There was a time back then when chopped dup bodies were appearing in vacant lots stuffed inside suitcases around the valley.


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Anonymous said...

nice pic!