Monday, May 14, 2007

Splendour in the grass

i raced home at 9am this morning so i could get tickets but i may as well have worked the rest of the day. last year i had no troubles at all getting tickets online. maybe it was a fluke, but from the horror stories i've heard from everyone elese who's tried to but tickets i don't think so.

i've now been trying non-stop for 3 hours, my finger sore from repeated clicking, credit card in the other hand and tears rolling down my cheeks.

what makes it even worse is the 'virtual witing room' thing they have where it shows you exactly how far away from the front of the line you are.... then as you progress up the line and hope builds inside you, the site bumps you to a fucked up waiting cycle just so you can get to the same page you were just on, only now you're at the end of the line!

if splendour wasn't worth it i wouldn't bother.

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Anonymous said...

Devastated!....After being a loyal splendour follower (even through the ordinary years) this is how it turns out. This is because the splendour management team wanted to control all of the ticket sales - nazis! And maximise their profits.
So what is intended to be a warm and fuzzy festival has now sold out to the highest bidder and they don't give a f*ck becuase they got their tickets sold. Splendour was too good to last anyway as now it is full of scenesters and pretenders and yobs. Bitter? Yes! But splendour owed it to us to keep the good vibes going by offering us a better way t o buy a f*cking ticket!!!!