Friday, June 15, 2007

Dj John Howard

yeah it's a funny picture. i get it. it was funny the first time someone emailed it to me. i even considered passing it on. but then after i opened the other 30 emails from other people with it attached too i realised that i would only be adding to the critical mass of pointless email forwards.

like everyone else i frequently get email chain letters about crap that isn't appreciated. you know the type. "please forward this on to everyone in your in box: this is baby Steven, he has leukemia and if this email gets sent to enough people bill gates will pay for his treatment" or"Warning! send this to every woman you know: two men approached a girl in a car park and offering perfume samples, it was really chloroform!"

and don't get me started on the "fuel boycott day" or "food warnings".

there's a site that deals exclusively with these urban legends and crap email forwards that i've been using for ages. it's called snopes. every time you get a crap email and think about forwarding it on, just do a quick check on this site first. chances are it's been debunked as complete crap and you can find out all the details about it.

if you receive a funny picture i'm not saying don't send it on, but if you've been sent it by 12 other people, chances are, so has everyone else.

if you really must send on stuff please use some etiquette. remove all those ">>" and "FW:FW:FW:FW:" that precedes the subject line. and for gods sake, delete the list of everyone that's received it before you sent it to me.

check out the "email chain letter etiquette" breakdown here.

please and thank you.

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Anonymous said...

oh. sorry. remind me not to forward you any emails. everything i get is so 2006...