Wednesday, June 13, 2007

state of origin

So qld breaks the 11 year drought of games played on nsw soil.

NSW fans cover the lewis statue at suncorp stadium with blue paint and streamers before the game last year

it was a great game. no biff's though, which was dissapointing. c'mon carl webb, what're ya doin mate?

A much smaller Lewis confronting Geyer on the field. Geyer later confided that "he was shitting himself".

so qld won. it's kinda dissapointing. i mean, it's great that qld won, but it means that the final game that'll be played here in brisbane will be an anticlimax. oh well, i'm sure it'll be just as messy.

former boxer webb passing on the qld spirit post tackle

it's always funny when i watch footy. every other day of the year i'm totally ignorant of rules, players and teams, but after a couple of beers and a few try's and i'm the resident expert on NRL.

anyways, here's a link to the past years S.O.O posts with vids n stuff.

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