Tuesday, June 26, 2007

travel plans

Last December I toured around Thailand with hopey and it was madness. It was actually my first time overseas and I loved it.

I’ve been saving every cent I get so I can go back to Asia again this December which will be my last uni holidays before I graduate.

While we were in Thailand other travellers were always telling us that we should go to Vietnam. Apparently it’s even cheaper than Thailand, which is crazy cheap as it is.

So it looks like we’ll be heading to Vietnam for New Years this year. I’m looking at either Saigon or Hanoi.

hopey with a $1 seafood pad thai meal in thailand

On the last trip, we planned everything down to the last detail before we left. This meant studying the best places to go and booking accommodation in advance. This time, I think we’ll just fly into one of the major cities and play it by ear. It’s gotta be more fun that way.

What will I be doing differently this trip? Well for one, I’m not listening to people’s hysterical warnings and advice like, avoid cut fruit, take a mosquito net, carry anti-bacterial hand wash etc.

cut fruit bought from road-side vendours. 15thb (about 40c) so delicious.

more to follow as the plans develop. but if you have any good places in vietnam you could recommend i'd be gratefull.

link to pics from thailand

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