Tuesday, June 26, 2007


so where've i been the past few days?

well, first, my keyboard broke so the only way i could web browse was to use my favorites or cut and paste letters from file names into the browser one letter at a time and i can't even begin to tell you how much that makes you want to kill yourself after you get all the way to pasting the ".com" part into the address bar and you accedently fuck it up and have to start again.

secondly two of my new toys arrived so i've been playing with them. i got me a shiny new 400 gig external hdd because my itunes has exceeded 100 gig and it was only a matter of time before my 160gig hdd was gonna pack it in under the stress (shiddup dodson).

the other toy that arrived was my media centre. i've been lustin after a hard drive media centre, but all the ones i've looked at are good to record stuff off tv and all, but they only have a 40gig hdd. so i got me a 300gig one off ebay. so far my 70 movies and 150 tv shows are only just 100gig so i've got a bit to add yet.

we're also looking to move out at the moment so that's just another thing, y'know? and i'm halfway through my 2 x 12 hr shifts for the weekend and jan's staying with us too, so back off, okay!

more posts to follow. and i'll try to update the links as soon as i have a spare moment.

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