Tuesday, July 31, 2007

back to life

As you can probably tell, I’ve finally gotten my computer back up and running. A nasty virus meant that I had to format my hard drive and re-install windows.

If you are ever faced with this it will either be very easy, or so very hard that you will consider hanging yourself with an Ethernet cable.

The only reason that it took me so long was that my computer was shipped without a windows cd. This wasn’t a problem a couple of years ago, but it meant that I had to search high and low for one to use.

Luckily for me I have everything backed up on cd and again on my external hard drive. So it was just a matter of the simple task of going through the actual process. For this I turned to a site called lifehacker.

I found a great tutorial that ran through how to do this and you can find that here. It’s really quite straight forward and simple enough for even me to use. If you’re ever faced with this situation, I highly recommend it.

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