Monday, July 16, 2007

current musings.

my puter's still broke. tried two different xp discs with another one comming down tomorrow.

so i'm using borrowed laptops and dirty backpacker computers still.

i've been stickering the hell out of the valley. got a bunch of new designs and pics to put up on the flickr site when i can.

at the coast at the moment with spotty. about to go play some golf and drink some piss.

i've been getting a bunch of facebook mail, requests and pokes. i joined the same reason that i joined myspace. but it seems that facebook is a little more popular with people i know. i don't relaly take much notice of it but there's some hard core facebookers out there.

i have to say that it is good for finding (stalking) people.

i'm not sure if my current fiscal position will allow for a trip to vietnam at the end of the year so i've been trying to find ways to get more cash or save money on the trip. luckily i've worked otu that if i fly to darwin and then darwin to ho chi in it will cost half the price. loverly.

anyhoo. hopefully i shoudl have the old dell box formatted and xp reinstalled this week. maybe.

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