Monday, July 30, 2007

i hate the cinema

I went to watch the simpsons movie last night. Deep down I wanted it to rock, but every other popular tv show-to-movie that I’d seen before had sucked so I was prepared for it to suck.

So I was really happy when the movie rocked my socks. Seriously, it’s piss funny, go watch it sometime. Yes, you do see bart’s dick, homer gives everyone the finger and there’s some hardcore boob-shaking from a character called “boob lady”.

The only downside to the movie was the fact that I had to share the experience with a packed cinema. Apart from the people who decided that their girlfriend was a total retard that he had to explain every joke to (“see that’s funny because in the tv show, nelson always says “ha ha”!) there must have been an entire hospital ward of TB sufferers sitting spread out across the cinema.

But even an entire TB ward couldn’t out-cough the 8 year old little fat kid that sat directly behind me. Where the TB sufferers took turns in a near constant cough-a-thon, the little fat kid seemed to combine a cough-sneeze-choke hybrid that frightened me the first time it tore through the cinema at jackhammer level. He continued this all through the movie, sending me into a hate spiral of constant distraction.

This is exactly why I download movies illegally and watch them in the comfort of my own home.

Beyond that, the movie was pretty good. I made sure I didn’t watch too many ads for it because the worst thing is when you go to see a movie and realize that you’ve seen all of the funny parts in the previews.

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