Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I visit the paleo future site often and one thing I’ve always noticed (being a marketing student) is the absence of billboards and advertising in these amazing futurescapes of tower cities, hover cars and robot maids.

So it was refreshing to see an abundance of tacky advertising in the future created for the movie that I watched the other night called idiocracy.

Most everyone in 2505 is a mouth-breathing lout, barely capable of forming a sentence. They've elected as president the guy who seems cool to them, a loudmouthed porn-star wrestler (unfailingly funny Terry Crews, the dad from "Everybody Hates Chris"). They pass their days consuming, defecating, fornicating and gawking at anything that goes boom. Then consuming some more. And because they don't know any better, they've let themselves be co-opted by corporate marketers, taking brands ("Frito") for names and wearing disposable clothes covered with ads.

It shows the future America as a dumbed down, fox news watching, snack food eating,… well, it’s actually how the rest of the world sees America now.

They have poker machines in the waiting room of the hospitals and my favorite quotes of the movie were:

“wow, the whitehouse! Everyone gets laid at the whitehouse”

(Wilson asks for some water to drink) “water? Like from the toilet? What do you want that for”?

The most popular tv show is “hit in the balls” where a guy get shit in the balls the whole show and the president sings, raps and fires a machine gun in the senate.

It’s a bloody good movie, get it, watch it.

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