Saturday, July 07, 2007

it's all over

so it's come to this.

i bought my desktop about 4 years ago. it is a basic dell pc that had no special features. just the essentials. but with a bit of love and attention from me i managed to limp it this far with only basic repairs and upgrades.

but now this virus/adware/trojan has crippled it. i've never seen a blue screen before. i've heard about them, but i've never had a computer crash on me before. until now.

that's why i'm writing this on a filthy internet cafe computer while my beloved pc sits in a steaming pile at home.

so this weekend, with a little help and guidance from dodson, i will be formating the hard drive and starting over again. luckily my itunes, which outgrew my computer (over 100 gig) is on it's own external hdd so i won't be losing any of my music, movies and tv shows. and all my pictures are backed up on dvd and the flickr site.

all that's left is to try to boot it back up and format the hdd before it crashes again. but i think that this'll be a good thing. i'll be getting rid of 4 years of accumulated crap, and hopefully this will fix a niggling little error message that i kept getting ("system32.dll could not be located").

wish me luck. more posts and links to follow once i'm back up and running.

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