Wednesday, July 04, 2007

nobody knows, the trouble i's seen.

i'm having mass problems with my computer at the moment.

i've been trying to delete a trojan virus and tons of adware that's constantly sprouting pop-ups all over my screen.

my browser crashes all the time. apps have been deleted. user settings are gone. i can't upload images to my blog or include weblinks properly. this is the third time i've written this post because i keep losing it. it's all gone pete tong.

so i've got to save up to take my computer box into a computer fixer person. on my student wage that's not gonna be easy, hence the plorification of sponsored posts. i'm so sorry about them, i know they cheapen my blog and dilute my message, but at the moment, i really need the extra cash to fix my computer.

so please bare with me while i try to get through this and bare with the sponsored posts.



Anonymous said...

return my books you took, an ill tell you how to fix your machine

Unknown said...

that sound fair. deal. i mean, it's only been, what, like 3 years?