Tuesday, July 10, 2007

still outta action...

yeah the ol' computer box is still outta action. i never realised how much i rely on it. i hate stinky internet cafe's so much.

on the up side, i've found that my art flourishes when i don't have a computer sucking my life through it's flat-panel screen. i've been making lots of stickers and started drawing in my notebook again.

so what do i do when i don't have a compuer?
- catch up on a ton of crap that's been accumulating on my desk which i've since been able to clear
- clean and organise my room
- excersize: i've been putting this one off since winter arrived
- plan stuff: vietnam for new years?
- art: draw, paint, sketch, sticker, spray
- take more photographs: well overdue

so if i can get my hands on an XP boot disc i'll be up and running again soon. i did manage to find the disc that has all my drivers on it but it was snapped in half from my last move. nice.

on the upside, i'm looking forward to a nice clean, fresh new os and hdd to play with this week.

fingers crossed and wish me luck.

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