Monday, July 30, 2007

wish list

Isn’t it always the way? It comes to your birthday/Christmas and you get asked “so what d’ya want?” and despite coming across a million awesome things you’d love throughout the year your mind seems to go blank at that moment.

Well, no more.

I’m going to put together a wish-list here on this blog of things I want so that when people ask, I can direct them to it. How very geeky.

Though this list is also for me. A reminder of things I want when I get a little money as opposed to crap I end up buying that I don’t really need and never really wanted.

This will of course be added to and changed constantly so these few items are not everything I want, or by any means a reflection of my self worth as a person.

"The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything"

Vice magazine

Subscription to the magazine or one of their quality “guide to” books (guide to sex, drugs and rock n roll. Do’s and don’ts etc)
vice website

Time magazine I always talk about getting a subscription to Time but never get around to it. i used to read it religiously before i had to become a poor uni student and i really miss it. when ever i get a spare couple of dollars i always indulge myself.

4 hour work week
Excellent book by timothy ferris - so I've been told. I read tim’s blog and if the book is as interesting as some of the things he talks about on his blog, then it should be a good read.

Vespa helmet
There’s a few things I need for my scooter when I get it. A helmet is obviously a must.

I’ve got the jacket already so now I needs the gloves. Your hands are the first thing to hit the road when you come off the scooter most of the time (not that i'm planning on actually ever coming off it).

Acoustic guitar
I plan on learning the guitar so I need a cheap acoustic to learn on. "sorry, no stairway"

courier bag
i'm all about the courier bag at the moment. this is one i am lusting after on ebay at the moment. it's a courier bag from the war. some guy reacons he found a bunch of them in a crate and he's selling them. not sure how long it'll stay on ebay but there's bound to be similar ones out there.

Banksy Book
Banksy is our warhol. this book about his pieces is something i've always lusted after. he's a leader and his art is amazing.

3D doodle kit
yeah it's silly and i'd prolly tire of it after i drew my 100th 3d set of boobs, but it'd be cool and i want it. and if you know me, you'd understand. c'mon, it draws in 3D!

Random stuff

It's never a surprise if you know what you're getting. there's always great cheap little things at sites like:
t-shirt hell

i'll keep adding to this as i go.

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