Thursday, August 16, 2007

it's all about the scooter

yeah so i'm excited about my new toy. wouldn't you be? thanks to those tacky 'pay-per-posts' i was doing i had a fat paypal account to buy scooter toys. my latest purchases? gloves and goggles.

oh, yeah i've now stopped those pay-per-posts. they were crappy and brought down the blog. though i do wish i could monetize it somehow. i'm not eligible for adsense since i was busted for clicking my own ads. had i read that user agreement before i clicked 'i agree' and i would have seen that clicking your own ads would be grounds for dismissal. oh well.

i did the commute from bulimba this morning on the scooter in peak hour traffic. i was sitting behind a ute when a scooter zipped past me down the centre of the two lanes. i didn't know we could do that i thought to myself. so i took stock of the situation, checked my mirrors and carefully followed my fellow scooter person.

zoom, i was on the story bridge before i knew it and i'm sure that the poor people stuck in their cars in grid lock weren't too happy at seeing me slicing through the traffic like a hot knife through butter.


Buzz said...

mark, dont get into that habit of scooting between traffic. ITS SOOO ILLEGAL! day (maybe me)someone will open their door just to teach you a lesson for doing it. Can you tell I hate it when bikes do that! Be safe me little darlin!

Anonymous said...