Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sometimes i really love living in Brisbane. It's filled with lots of kooky, crazy kids. this is especially true of the valley where i used to live, with all the crazy style and individualism.

so i was surprised when i got to uni and the student librarian girl was wearing an outfit that can only be described as a cross between a manga outfit and a traditional German Frauleins' garb. It was all knee high boots, big dress and corsets. I considered that it could have been some crazy outfit that she was wearing to show how individual she was, but it was waaaay to over the top. I figured she was obviously going to a fancy dress party after work an the theme was either slutty animae manga, or slutty German.

She was helping me look for a book i couldn't find when i felt compelled to make some small talk.

"nice outfit, you off to a dress up party after this"? I regretted it almost immediately and the look she gave me didn't help.

"no, why"? She said in a tone that just screamed 'Hey, I'm a fucking individual you conformist piece of shit, and I'm obviously to real for you to cope with'!


It didn't help that two blokes in the next book isle started to piss themselves laughing - they'd obviously seen her ridiculous outfit too.

With this she stormed off. And i didn't even get my book!

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