Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bad cabbies

i was scooting though the city today on my way to uni when a cab next to me decided to merge into me, forcing me off the road.

(file image - this isn't a pic of my accident)

ho took off and i pulled up next to him at the lights and asked him if he realised what happened. he mustn't have liked my question because he repeatedly slammed his door into the side of my scooter, crushing my hand.

he got out and went to take a swing at me but must have realised it would be pointless hitting a someone with a helmet on.

i don't like making generalisations, but cabbies are bastards. there wasn't any need for that behavior. i realise that drivers hate scooter - it's a given. but it was a pretty major over reaction.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

mark..... i would have pissed myself at that. Firstly i hate cabbies and i dont particually like scooters but the two of you having it on..... HAAAAAAAAA!buzzy