Monday, September 24, 2007

hello, goodbye

i had a good and bad weekend.

i had to do something that made me very sad, but i also had to do something that made me very happy.

i put my order in for an ipod touch yesterday which was obviously the happy thing. but in keeping with my 'upgrade' process, i had to sell my ipod video, which made me sad. mostly because i now have to wait for two weeks without an ipod. but mostly because the ipod video has brought me so much joy and to see it go will make me sad. sad because i am a hopeless consumerist that loves inanimate objects and projects feelings of fulfillment onto them while using them as symbols to communicate to the world about my status level.

yes. i am pathetic.

but i make no excuse for it and i don't care, because i am getting an ipod touch. did i mention that?

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