Wednesday, September 19, 2007

silver surfers

I got an interesting email from my mum (jan) the other day. She wants a blog. Seriously.

i was a little taken aback, but very happy to read those words. now i have to say here that she does embrace technology (she’s a skype’r) but this was something new altogether.

(ha ha, she's gonna kill me for using this pic)

I’m a big advocate for blogs. Buzz n’ dug are using one to keep everyone updated on the goings on of their wedding. The one for jan will be a travel blog to put photos and updates about the upcoming china trip and I think it’s a great idea.

I used my blog as a record of my last trip to Thailand with hopey and will be doing the same for the next trip to Vietnam in February. It’s a great way to keep everyone up to day without sending out mass emails and it’s also a record of your trip that you can look back on.

Now I just have to come up with a blog for them…

Stay tuned.


B and D said...

i'm seeing a heap of live music over the next few weeks (and have this week) so I'm thinking that I should kick of my own blog! I've spent ages scouring the net looking for reviews of bands,dj's etc and got 0 (donuts) so the world would be a marginally better place if i put my 2 cents (aus) worth in. Stay tuned!

B and D said...

p.s. does jan know that she'll be tortured in china if it becomes known to the authorites she has a blog??