Thursday, September 20, 2007

testing, testing, 1 2 3

just testing the email to blog thingy to see if i can post easier vie email than having to log in and stuff around with blogger. hoping i can cut out the middleman by just emailing my posts directly to the blog. if you're reading this, then it works, if you're not reading this, then it doens't matter and i can say whatever i like, like poo-face, bum, ha ha! shuddup. oooh, too much coffee today...

i wonder if i can put a picture in too?

can you see a picture of a Chinese flag?  hmmm... gotta work out how to place it somewhere... (thinks).

anyways, this might just be a big waste of tiem when what i really should be doing is studying and not procrasticnating, but it's hard when you've got such a short attention spa... hmmm, i wonder if that's the right way to spell procrastinating? ahh, that's better. damn my spelling sux! what was i saying? yeah whatever.

ok, back to 'work' - actually i have to go ring optus and go through some more phone-tag-hell because even though they disconnected my internet ages ago, they still havent's disconnected my phone line in the old house. i bet they're still charging me too. mayeb i shoudl take this up witht he ombudsman? is it even worth the hassle?

ok, back to work no i promise.

i hope this works...

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