Wednesday, September 19, 2007

wayahudi family: press

It seems the wayahudi family are receiving some good press for their album. it got a 3 1/2 stars and some good press in some of the music rags. good work boys, keep up the bumpin good work.

what they're saying:

In a time of glitzy, disposable, downloadable pop music Pata Ladha (Get the rhythm) is a breath of fresh air; a positive, heartwarming fusion of Tanzanian rhymes and melodies with dope hip-hop beats and of course some of Morganics' trademark beatboxing. link

Pata Ladha represents an upbeat, earnest and socially-conscious, traversal of East African melody, Swahili rhyme-craft and straight-up, early-era hip-hop. There are plenty of worthy cuts here, and MCs Wise Mad, Max Wow and F. Cool more than hold their own amongst Morganics’ popping beats. The tripping dub rhythms and dancehall nuances of Watatoa Kasoro, the explosive More G More Fire, and hook-laden organics of Peace and Love make for highlights. link

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