Friday, October 12, 2007

brew ha ha

when i went back to being a poor student i had to change my beer preferences accordingly. it sucked in the beginning, but i've gotten used to tooheys now.

but an integral part of the student experience in brewing your own beer. ive' been holding off on this simply because setting up a brewing station isn't conducive to apartment living. so i've been looking for alternatives to this and found that there are actually quite a few 'brew your own' places where you mix it all up and they brew it for you. you simply go in a few weeks later and bottle it.

so ad-roc and i went down to the fine people at brews brothers and set about choosing a good brew. to do this they let us sample a few of their brews. and by sample, i mean they let us sit there for three hours and drink ourselves retarded. there were some really great beers there but in the end i actually went for the ginger beer. i know, queer right? but it's really good and packs a mean punch.

so after a half dozen pots of ginger beer, we set about mixing up all the ingredients and grating the ginger. feeling more than a little pissed we found a pub down the road that does 'cook your own steak' for $10. genius.

it's a really good experience and you come out of it with some good quality cheap booze. and the best thing is that they'll be ready just as i finish uni for the semester.

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