Wednesday, October 24, 2007

cheaper isn't always better

last year i bought a 1 GB thumb drive for $30 and i thought that was pretty good.

last week i bought a 2 GB thumb drive for $20. good on ya moore.

i'd been using my video ipod as a flash drive for all of my uni notes and assignments but because the iTouch doesn't have disc mode i've had to look elsewhere. grrr. anyways, so this thumb drive arrives last night and i cut and paste the folder off my desktop containing all my uni notes to the new thumbdrive and go to transfer it to the laptop.

but when i plug it into the laptop the files aren't there...? why is that?

plugging it back into my desktop i can see that all the files are corrupt as all the blood drains from my face and i realise i've lost all of my uni notes, assignments and lecture outlines.

why did i 'cut' and paste instead of 'copying' and pasting???

after trying a system recovery and crying for 70 minutes i resign myself to the fact that i've lost the lot. and it's two weeks to final exams.

what's the lesson learned from this? when you choose the cheapest piece of electronica you usually get exactly what you pay for. sometimes it's worth the extra few dollars to get a brand name item.

oh, and for gods sake, be careful and smart when copying files.

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Unknown said...

eh there's a bunch of tools around for file recovery off of thumb drives ... you should be able to get most of the stuff recovered hopefully. my linux box could definitely do some magic with it if you get stuck