Sunday, October 21, 2007

iPod touch me baby

while i love my new ipod touch (why not call it an iTouch?), i have found (as have thousands of other iTouch owners) a few things lacking. i know it's been said, but not being able to add to the calendar is a massive downfall. also, not being able to add third party apps to this thing without having to hack it (and therefore void the warranty) is another big cross against it.

that said, the web browser is amazing (when i can get to a wifi spot that is), videos play in unimaginable clarity for a hand held device and if the youtube feature is a taste of apps to come for the iTouch i'll be very happy indeed. typing on the qwerty keyboard is actually quite easy and with a little practice you can start to type at a comparable speed.

so at present, all the good stuff that the iTouch can do outweighs the bad stuff that is lacking. it is a mighty, yet tiny, device. thought i will be hacking it to run thrid party apps as soon as i have the itnernet at home.

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simon said...

bah, don't believe the hype ..
i want a device with web integration, os, apps, flexibility in harnessing the ability to run homebrew, gprs solid battery an no inhouse dev software mangagers ...

a device like that would really get me listening...