Thursday, October 11, 2007

it shouldn't be this hard

I've been bitching about it for long enough so by now you should know that i've just moved into a new place and it's been a real bloody mission as all moving is.

so one of the last things I've been trying to set up is internet at the new house. because its a house we can get cable broadband so I've been examining our choices carefully and to my surprise i found that telstra actually had the best deal for us. but i was weary. i mean, c'mon, it's telstra. they're evil and have even less customer service / focus than optus. but i can't argue with cheap broadband - which is probably exactly what they rely on.


so i arrange to get it hooked up and I'm told they'll be there between 7am and midday. cool. so i just sat around the house waiting for the bloke to come a knocking. at 10 to 12 i decided to give them a call. after talking to someone for a while i was put on hold and then cut off. so i called back and checked with another person to see if they were actually coming. to which i was told that they'd been there and no one was home.

as you can understand i was a little annoyed because i had been home all day. i was told that that mustn't be true because the technician had been there at 10.30 and there was no one home (note, front doors were open, tv on, me strolling about the house). i was told i would have to wait a week for another technician to come out. grrr! after getting them to give us 4 months free and waive the instillation as recompense i agreed.

so 7 days passed and i was sitting at the front door waiting for the bloke to arrive, which he did. but....

seems that the line needs to be strung across the road from another phone pole and they will need to get a special team here to stop traffic. but.... on top of that, there is a tree growing too close to the pole so i have to get the city council to come out to cut it back.

after crying a little i composed myself. fuckit. it's been 4 weeks already and I'm almost used to sitting in dirty internet cafe's with recirculated breath and b.o. why not?

so i called the council and i have to say that i was really surprised to talk to a human. and what's more, i only had to speak to one person who handled the whole thing in a cheerful manner. strange. but...

seems that because this tree isn't blocking the road it's not classed as a priority so my request will go onto their tree trimming schedule. i breathed in and asked politely when the next cycle would be....?

the end of December.

i give up.

the truly heartbreaking thing is that the only other carrier that can supply us with broadband is optus .....

(wipes tear away)

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