Thursday, October 25, 2007

late night study session

I'm sitting in the university computer labs pulling an all-nighter to get an assignment done because that's what you do when you're a student right?

Anyways, I'm on my third redbull and my right eye has developed an annoying tic so I've decided to live-blog my thoughts as I stay up all night in the crappy uni computer lab in the city.

Firstly, the air-con is waaay to cold. What's with that? Is that to keep us all awake? Hmmm…

Great, even though we're in a pretty big room, I can still smell that someone just farted. This sux.


Everyone's looking at me for some reason. I can't work it out. Have to turn up my ipod to block out their glares.


I really want to surf the net for a while. Maybe I can use a few minutes on the web as reward for doing a page of work. Or maybe I can stop live-blogging and get back to it?


Just spent the last 12 minutes trying to remember how to spell the word "throat". And I'm not even using that word in this assignment. God I hate procrastination.


Damn it's cold in here.


It's so hard to eat healthy at uni. I've got a mars bar, packet of chips and a redbull in front of me. Delicious, but so, so shit.


I think my mind has gone blank from too much thinking.


Ok, so I worked out why everyone was looking at me. Apparently my phone alarm was going off for a good four minutes and I didn't hear it because I had my ipod on. And it's no "beep-beep" alarm either; Samsung decided that the alarm on this phone had to be a hyper-gay Korean candy-pop tune that I hoped no one outside my bedroom was ever going to hear. Even the Korean students here are giving me a funny look.


It's nearly three am now and the computer room is slowly emptying. It's depressing seeing people slowly file out of here every now and then, leaving the truly hard-core, last-minute assignment squatters.


I can feel the time getting to me – like I'm going a little insane. It's time for another redbull.


Haikus are much fun

But sometimes they don't make sense



What's with all the bats? Get out of here you bats!


Ok, all done. It's time to go catch the first morning bus home.

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Deb said...

Loved the haiku. You should get full marks just for that. So sayeth I. Tell your profs.