Friday, October 05, 2007

so close i can almost taste it...

the ipod touch is here.

they've started arriving at the apple store i pre-ordered mine from and people have begun to receive theirs. but i'm half way down the pre-order list and apparently they're arriving in a trickle so i'm not sure when i can expect it.

it's killing me and people around me are beginning to get a little sick of me talking about it.

in the meantime i've sent off my ipod video to some lucky bloke in the Northern Territory. he got a complete package - i included nearly 100 movies and close to 150 tv shows - so i've been using bec's ipod nano, but it's only making the waiting even worse...

i found the image for this post at this flickr site here. the bloke does art for ipod's and some of them are pretty cool.

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