Saturday, November 10, 2007

... and i'm back

just walked out of my final economics exam for the semester and i
think i went pretty well. the lack of posts are a tribute to how much
effort i put into this study. if you look back at posts during study
time i usually procrastinate like a mo-fo, but i really knuckled down
and i think the results will speak for themselves.

lots has happened in the time i haven't posted.

- internet fiasco has continued and i can't even begin to describe
the pain and suffering it has caused
- the ginger beer i brewed was delicious and strong, but i had to
stop drinking it. more to follow on that though
- taking pics, getting ready to get some designs ready for the first
release of t-shirts (again more to follow)
- trying to get ft
- looking forward to being able to catch up with people now i am on 4
months holidays

stay tuned

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