Monday, November 12, 2007

continued wireless pains

Like I said in the last post I've been studying hard for the end of semester exams and I have my final one for the year tomorrow. It's services marketing so I'm not really stressing out about that one.

So why am I writing this from an internet café and not from the copy confines of my home? Well as you probably recall we've been having a few problems trying to get the internet connected to our new place and they haven't stopped yet.

We tried yet another internet provider and they promised to send someone out to hook us up and even sent me a text saying that a bloke would be there the next day, so I waited at home. And waited. And waited. No one came. When I called them I was told that there wasn't ever going to be anyone coming to our place because they would be just flicking a switch to connect the service and I must be mistaken. This didn't sound right considering they had even sent me a text telling me they'd be sending someone to my house and after waiting three days like they said I called them again when we still didn't have a dial tone from the lines. This time I was told that there should have been someone out there to connect it up and they couldn't understand why no one showed up.

So after re-booking for another technician to come out (again) I waited. And waited. And again no one showed up. But when I called they again told me that no one was going to come out there and it should have all been done remotely. Anger swelled up inside me. So I called back and spoke to someone in Australia who cleared it all up in a matter or hours (3 ½ actually) and organised for yet another technician to come out. I was understandably sceptical. This time someone actually came out. Surprise! But after looking around the house he couldn't find the box he needed to get to (I think its called the MDF box?) so he told us we'd need to find it and re-book again.

I'm so over it it's not funny. It used to make me really angry and sad, but now I'm just resigned to the face that I've done something wrong in a past life and I'm being punished.

On a totally different note, I downloaded the new iTouch firmware. It now allows you to add calendar events directly to your iTouch. This was a massive fcuk up on Apple's part. And I'm a little disappointed by the fact that I will have to wait until February if I want to add 3rd party apps to my iTouch without jailbreaking it. Although I plan to jailbreak it as soon as I get the net connected here at home (that is if it's before February).

UPDATE: so many people have been coming to this post i guess looking for the iTouch firmware. you can find it here to download

We found out that we will be in Vietnam pretty much at the time of the Tet festival. This means Ho Chi Minh city will be packed and we might find it a little hard to get accommodation. Should be worth it though just to experience the festival (and to "get wasted and tell all your friends about how cool it was to vomit the contents of your stomach on overseas soil" refer comments from this post – cheers scoot!).

Anyways. Back to study.

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