Wednesday, November 21, 2007


today i jailbrake'd my itouch.

it's now jam packed with lots of nifty little apps. though i must say that the majority of the apps are crap, there are a couple of gems. i can't seem to find the iSaber app which is a bit of a shame. but i've downloaded the NES emulator and am getting a bunch of games for it now.

it's a bloody awesome little device (once it's jailbroken) that can do some amazing things. now that i'm able to customise a range of things like wallpaper, icons, etc. it feels a lot more personal than it did when it was locked to certain preferences.

I was a little intimidated with the whole jailbbreaking process when it was first released becuase it was so technical, but now Jailbreaking the iTouch couldn't be easier. here's how you do it...

- if you've got the latest firmware (1.1.2), downgrade by downlading v 1.1.1 and restore your ipod to that version (shift + click on the restore button).

-point your iTouch's Safari browser to

- download the "AppSnap" installer.

- you're done!

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