Friday, November 23, 2007

Ludology: The Study of Computer Games

next semester will be my last as a uni student and i have mixed feelings. i somehow managed to save all my electives for the final semester so i have been busy picking awesome easy subjects for me to laze through until the middle of next year.

i found some really good ones, but the best would have to be a little gem i found called "Computer Game Studies".

yeah, that's right. let me just read out some of the assessment...

hmmm, ok, first we have to play video games, and then we have to discuss them in class. yeah, that's assessable. next, we have to review 5 games, and then it seems we have an exam on computer games.

from the unit outline:

You will be required to play games and read games reviews and related literature
in order to contribute to small group and whole class discussions in the
workshops and to complete your assignments.

yeah, i think i can handle that.

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B and D said...

oh yes and i suppose you're a mature age uni student who dismembers small animals for your own pleasure -financed by your dad! (I really couldn't be bother to scooter this up any more - honestly -who could be bothered to write a long comment other than a bitter twisted loser who lives with his mum!)