Tuesday, November 20, 2007

street art

it's been a while since i posted about street art, but a couple of fine web albums have since come my way and i can't ignore them.

the first is from ad-roc whose been compiling this from brisbane artists for a couple of years now and being in london now has given him the chance to broaden it even further. it's just been updated and tweaked so check it out. link

the second one is from 'rather not say'. he found me through flickr and i often browse his pics especially since he did his trip to thailand. RNS has a good mix of street art and his own amazingly detailed works. link

openhammer has a comprehensive collection of brisbane street art centring around my beloved valley area. there's some familiar pieces here and lots of cool paste ups. link

other web albums of note are:


seldom seen





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