Thursday, November 29, 2007

you know who you remind me of?

i burned holes into her with my eyes as she thought for a minute. i could have saved her some time. i'd been getting this for ages.

"well, you don't look exactly like him, you just kinda remind me of him." the other girl nodded in agreement.

i waited for the inevitable.

the annoying thing is that i hate the guy, and i hate his comedy. (i mean, kudos for the whole drew barrymore thing, but i don't really think that would have been too hard) i really hate his comedy. it'd be different if i liked his stuff. it'd be a compliment. i could maybe even recite a few of his catch phrases for money or something.

until then i just have to grin and bear it when people look at me, their head cocked to the side, as they wonder where they know me from. there's no way i'm going to throw them a bone and tell them who they're thinking of.

1 comment:

Jack Yan said...

You could always use this and give the other guy a really bad rep! (As for me, I have no idea who your Doppelgänger is.)