Wednesday, December 05, 2007

farewell tash

so movember's over for another year and it was probably the biggest year for mustache's ever. every which way you looked someone was sporting a 'tash. and working in an all italian and greek fruit store it wasn't just the men who participated this year.

i have to admit that i did feel a little pang in my stomach when i'd come face to face with a bloke who could get their handlebar tash's cranking. and it was like the bigger the tash, the more i admired the effort.

having facial hair normally, it wan't a big thing for me to shave the beard and keep the mo. though, next year i will be cheating and start growing the tash early is disguise of a goatee or increased facial hair. then when november 1 rolls round, i'll have a comanding lead on the other suckers...

movember 05

movember 06

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