Friday, January 18, 2008

here we go again

i fondled my first iphone the other night and it sparked something in me. i know i've always wanted one, but i was going to hold out until the next model was released here in oz. but after that, now i'm not so sure.

so, here we go again.

firstly, i've never seen an iphone in person before and i have to say that they're a lot less bulky than i had imagined. playing with my itouch has always been something to tide me over until i got my hands on an iphone and now i've seen two in two weeks. it's a sign. surely it is.

of course, this means another reduction in storage capacity (from 30, to 16, and now to 8), but at the moment, i'm only using just over 10GB of space on the iTouch. i'm sure i could sacrifice a little more space for the added benefit of combining phone and ipod.

although, i know that it's almost a year that the iphone's been on the market, and that means there's a new model due any day now. but i just can't resist. i'm weak. anyone who's been reading this blog semi-regularly knows i'm a pathetic consumerist who uses objects as crutches for a degraded self esteem and as a surrogate status symbol, but hey, what cha gonna do, right?

so after i get back from trekking around vietnam i'll be trading up again for the iphone. bye bye itouch, it's been swell.

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Chris's Blogs said...

a guy in sweden told me that you can get them really cheap in the USandA. And also the new models are sim-locked to some gay-arse network, but you can get these sim jacket cards which eliminate that problem.
anyway, if you know someone in the US, it might be worth your while seeing what you can pick them up for there. i actually find it hard to believe because i thought apple had strict world wide prices. let me know how you go.