Wednesday, January 16, 2008

into the dirty valley

i love the valley. every time i forget that it's a dirty place something happens to jolt me back to the realisation that it's filled with scum, hookers and addicts.

just up the road from where i work there are a bunch of halfway houses that are home to some truly disturbed souls. and more than a few hookers.

late one night we heard a loud crash and ran out to investigate. about 20 meters down the road there was a yellow cab crashed into the brick fence of one of these halfway homes. it was pretty banged up and there was a dirty crack whore in a tiny silver skirt and green supre top getting up off the ground next to it. she was shouting at the cab driver as she tried to get to her feet.

about a minute later the cops and ambulance showed up. they're always at this particular house anyways attending fights or overdoses.

seems that the cabbie had engaged the services of one of these ladies of the night and then refused to pay for it. so as he's gone to take off, she's leaned into the driver side window and grabbed the wheel. the resulting action dragged her with the cab as it sped into the brick fence.

just when you start believing all of the gloss and glitz of the valley something like this comes along to remind you of how dirty it truly is.

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Anonymous said...

awesome -my faith in the valley is restored. I was only giving a young guy a run down on the original vally where the royal george was fully tiled to improve cleaning efficiency at the end of the night - an absolute blood bath of a place. I had a mate who worked as a bouncer there and actually enjoyed the boxing training!( ?)