Thursday, January 10, 2008

mobile phone spam

i'm on 4 months holidays at the moment so my sleep cycle is a little reversed. that being the case, i'm having to sit through those seedy mobile phone sex line ads on late night tv. you know the ones,"text FLIRT to 191..."

it's funny because they use these semi-naked model-types in their ads, but i'd like to see an ad where they show the real people that use these services. you know that i mean.

camera opens on an overweight housewife on her quilted bed. the un-matching two piece underwear she got on sale from target is riding up her ample (and a little sweaty) arse. she mashes the keypad of her mobile phone keypad with her chunky thumbs.

(corny porn music starts)

"this is mandy, and she's looking to hook up with someone in your area right now"

yeah, i'm sure there's some hard core cognitive dissonance happening when they finally meet the "babe" they've been texting.

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