Friday, January 04, 2008

skype phone

i bought myself a new skype mobile phone for christmas. 3 mobile and skype has worked out a plan so that you don't get charged to connect to the net to use skype so you can call anyone on skype for free.

The handset is $179 pre-paid. The deal includes 4,000 minutes of free Skype to Skype and 10,000 free Skype chat messages. That's more than 2 hours per day of Skype calling. Nice if you can get your family and friends to get Skype'd up. The handset itself offers all the usual features: net, Bluetooth, MP3, microSD expansion, and a 2.0Mp camera (though I don't see a front camera, so you're SOL on 3 video calling).

i just hooked up the skype feature and will test run it tonight. it's a tiny, light little phone and i'm pretty impressed with all the features that 3 mobile packs into their service.

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