Wednesday, February 06, 2008


happy 21st cheeky!

when he was little he had really fat cheeks, so we called him cheeky. not groundbreaking thinking there, but it's stuck.

being the youngest of three brothers meant he would get knocked about a bit. so, when provoked, he would fly into a fit of berserker rage. i'm talking full on, eyes glazed over, flailing arms, biting and ball shots. anything to get the upper hand on the situation. when in these rages, he'd push his tongue out between his teeth, so we'd just hit him under the chin and he'd bite it. for a smaller, younger brother, he could hold his own in a fight though (and still can).

if you feed him a couple of beers and dare him to do something, he usually will.

oh yeah, and when he was two, we dressed him up in a baby's dress, complete with a bow in his hair, and pissed ourselves laughing. oh, and we got it on tape. heh, yeah.

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