Friday, February 08, 2008


we're off to vietnam later today and i'm packing for the trip.

i've learned some lessons from the last trip to thailand. mainly, that over-packing ca be your undoing. so, for this trip i'm going light. very light.

i'll be taking the clothes on my back and not much more. the key is to pack only what you can't buy overseas. and when you're going to a south-east asian country there's not much that you can't buy cheaply.

so here's what i'm packing:

 - shorts, t-shirt, and old pair of thongs (that i'll be wearing on the plane)
 - toothbrush, small tube of paste
 - small money clip
 - passport
 - travel itinerary
 - power point adaptor
 - camera (waterproof olypmus), 2 spare batteries and two 512 MB memory cards

and that's it.

seriously, you can buy everything else you'll need over there like towels, sunnies, hat and t-shirts. there are a few things that you really can't skimp on, like camera, spare batteries and power adaptors.

a high quality, sturdy and reliable camera is a must. i've been using the olypmus 720 sw for the past few years. it's waterproof and drop proof, and packs a high megapixel. and the most valuable piece of advice i can give anyone traveling with a digital camera is to use 512 MP memory cards. every time you need to copy pictures off your camera to cd, the last thing you want to have to do is try to split a 1, 2 or 4 GB memory card into CD sized batches. a 512MB card will fit comfortably onto a CD easily and quickly. and they're cheap. so grab a couple of them.

another thing i've found is that money belts are a waste of time. and money. if every traveler is wearing one, then they're not exactly a 'secret' hiding place. in thailand i had my credit card stolen, it wasn't from my pocket, it was from the hotel safe. if someone really wants to rob you, they will.

so that's it. no bags, no excess crap. pack light and pack smart.

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