Friday, March 28, 2008

kitchen nightmares

i have periodic affairs with television shows. last month it was dexter, before that, neon genesis, and now; ramsays' kitchen nightmares.
ordinarily, i hate reality shows. i really do. but i've been really getting into this one lately.or rather, i had been.
i say "had been" because i've found that every episode has been following the same predictable formula with editing more transparent than the last few scenes from bowling or Columbine.
it's like this; introduction of the restaurant, ramsays' entrance whereby he tastes the food and runs to the toilet to make spewing noises, fighting with the chef, changing the menu, updating the decor, the end.
every show.
every failing restaurant out there that can't get onto the show could improve their own business by just changing the menu and updating the decor. it'd save them the trouble of being shouted at and being humiliated on television.

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Deb said...

But Dexter rules.. I LOVE that program.