Monday, March 03, 2008

Na Trang wasn’t what we expected at all. Everyone raved about how beautiful it is, but I have to say, it’s a dump. Especially after coming from Da Lat.

When we arrived at our hotel we were told that although we had booked and paid for a room, they were full. Great. But a short motorbike ride away we found an even better place for $10. We booked an island boat tour for the next day and proceeded to get stinking drunk.

We were the only non-Vietnamese people on the tour group, but that worked out pretty well in the end. We stopped at a little island and people got on a little glass bottom fishing boat to look at the coral while we lounged on the roof of the boat drinking beer and waving at the other tour boats near us.

I was interested in the “kitchen” at the back of the boat where they were preparing our food. It was all cooked on the floor in clay pots. I couldn’t believe how much food they laid out for us. Then came “happy hour”.

Happy hour consisted of a couple of cases of Da Lat mulberry wine, a beaten up old drum kit, guitar and microphone. As they went around pouring drinks I was handed my own bottle. Uh oh. Everyone sat around politely nodding to the music and smiling so I decided to get things started right and got up for a dance. After a few more bottles they let us off on another island to explore and go for a swim. Things get a little, um… blurry from here on in. I woke up hours later in the hotel room. My pants were torn almost in half along the crutch, and when I tried to stand up my leg gave way. I had scratches all over me and my head was throbbing…

Apparently, we’d finished swimming and got back on the boat. I was up the back of the boat with another bottle of wine, drinking with the crew. When we got to our next stop I was having trouble getting off the boat but it wasn’t until I was on dry land that they realized what bad shape I was in.

But I didn’t care. All I cared about was the fact that I needed the toilet. So with some help I made it up a dirt hill to some trees so I could have some privacy. Bec said that my right leg slowly slid back down the hill while my left leg stayed up the top of the hill so I was doing a drunken, urinating splits down a steep hill. I’d strained my leg in the process and that explains why it’s sore.

As she picked me up from the heap I was in at the bottom of the hill I slurred something about the fact that 'little mark' was hanging out. I’d ripped the pants from just above the fly on the front all the way down, under, and back up to the tag on the back of the pants. I was essentially wearing two legs with no crotch or bum in them.

With the help of a deckhand I got back on the boat and just over four bottles of wine caught up with me and I passed out at the back of the boat.

Link to pics of na trang

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